TORIDE REPLICA 2021 (size 5-11)


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CUT: Classic Negative cut with inner seams is now available with the Ergonomic Bio Fit method. Inner seams provide more control  & flexible motions during a game or training.
Providing super grip on the ball with optimized fitting and control.

BACKHAND: Meccano ventilated fine polyester allows for cool air flow in between the fingers and provides a brow wipe. Its soft touch and light weight impression on the hand, gives goalkeepers more confidence.
Sublimation graphics with its unique colors vibrant contrast.
The Back Hand  is from Embossed Foam with high density and with unique colors.  This model offers comfortable punching at all stages.

WRIST & CLOSURE: Its ergonomic engineering method is a unique way to meet all  goalie needs. It has the ability to adjust the wrist with this elastic loop which not only secures the wrist but also boosts confidence level in the ground during a match or training

PALM: The Super Soft German Latex Grip offers high durability in all weather conditions.  Ideal for all keepers in all levels.


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